Friday, December 18, 2009

Sony Bravia Z5500 Full HD LCD

Sony Bravia Z5500 It's not easy to run television in "late June" prices in 2009 and about £ 1800 "to justify its price, but may simply Z5500 series to do so. As the model number reveals the Bravia Z5500 comes in a row for Z4500 series, which may remind us rather liked. I hope that the Z5500 will improve.

Three volumes Z5500 will be available: 40in, 46in and 52in. All three sports 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) panels with 200MHz processing to ensure silky-smooth images. Bravia Engine 3 should provide both the standard and high-resolution images are best.

Ethernet port, in conjunction with DLNA connectivity means TV can stream media to devices on the same network. Connect the TV series to the Z5500 "AppliCast networks, and many programs can work their magic, offering access to RSS feeds, weather calendar, among other gadgets.

If you feel friendly to the environment then you will be happy to ear Series Z5500 uses a 25 to 35 percent less energy than the last generation in the series. Idle power consumption of 0.19W low should not worry about polar bears and the TV automatically enters into standby mode if there is no entry, or - in case the computer is connected - in the absence of user activity is detected.

Referring to the possibility of saving energy, there is also the ambient light sensor (which can be switched off), enabling the Z5500 series televisions in order to adapt them to suit their level of backlight area. And speaking of extreme, Sony has no manual packaging paper - instead of the built-in televisions to XMB.
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