Friday, November 18, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Series 9 laptop

review The ultraportable laptop market seems to be going gangbusters at the moment. Between the lovely MacBook Air, luxury thin-and-lights like the Sony VAIO Z and Samsung Series 9, and the recently launched ultrabooks, most of the action in mobile computing – at least so far as notebooks go – seems to be seems to be happening in the 1-1.5kg weight class.

The Series 9 originally launched in April in a 13.3” Intel Core i5 version, and Samsung followed it up a couple of months ago with variants of the 13.3” model with Core i3 and Core i7 processors, as well as a smaller 11.6” version with a Core i3 processor, the latter of which we’ve gotten in for review.

Like every other ultraportable, the Series 9 has a strong competitor in the MacBook Air, and even more so in the 11.6” space, given Apple is one of the few manufacturers with a notebook in this screen size. Samsung has had a lot of luck challenging Apple in the smartphone and tablet spaces, but can it pull the same thing off for ultraportable laptops?

Samsung Series 7 (15-inch)

Samsung Series 7 image
Samsung Series 7 (15-inch)
Samsung Series 7

Monday, October 31, 2011

HP says it will soon offer Ultrabooks

HP (along with Dell) will be one of the last major PC makers to enter the market for these sub-0.8-inch, 3-pounds-and-under laptops that compete with Apple's MacBook Air.

"HP had yet to announce its intentions for the Ultrabook market and has been notably quiet as Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and Toshiba have all announced new ultra-thin models," Deron Kershaw, an analyst at GAP Intelligence, said in a research note today.

The world's largest PC maker needs to put all of its weight behind new product launches. The "hangover," as CEO Meg Whitman put it, of the August 18 announcement--when HP stated that it was exploring a spin-off of its PC business--has caused plenty of confusion among customers. "We're very conscious of the pressure that we face in the short term," said Bradley today.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dell Latitude XT3

Announced back in February 2011, the Dell Latitude XT3 convertible tablet finally has itself a product page on the company's U.S. and Canadian websites. The Latitude XT3 features a rotating 13.3-inch, 1366x768 pixel multitouch display, Core i3, i5 or i7 processor, a durable tri-metal design and a spill-resistant keyboard.

The Latitude XT3 is a successor of XT2 12.1-inch convertible (also available as a rugged XT2 XFR) and was initially planned for a July 2011 release. Apart from touchscreen and keyboard (optionally backlit), the new arrival in Latitude's family features a trackpad, while its bi-directional hinge allows to rotate the screen left to right, or right to left.

The housing is finished with magnesium alloy and according to the product page, the design meets defense-grade MIL-STD-810G standard.

The Dell Latitude XT3 is powered by an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 GPU. It comes with a DVD drive (available via XT3 Media Base or E-Modular Bay II), HD webcam, Gigabit Ethernet port, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, optional mobile broadband support (including WiMAX) and optional Bluetooth 3.0. Other connectivity features include 3x USB 2.0 (1x USB/eSATA combo), IEEE 1394, VGA and HDMI. Dell Latitude XT3 also comes with a memory card reader, 34 mm ExpressCard slot, SmartCard Reader, while a fingerprint reader is optional. Battery options include 6- and 9-cell batteries.

The tablet's dimensions are 12.7 x 1.2 x 8.7 in (323 x 30.9 x 221.7 mm) and it weighs 4.46lbs (2.02 kg) with a 6-cell battery.

The picture is still incomplete though - Dell Latitude XT3 pricing and availability details are yet to be announced.

Dell Inspiron 13z and Dell Latitude XT3 Announced

Dell today announced two new additions to their Inspiron and Latitude line of notebooks, extending Dell’s emphasis on thin and powerful computing, and meeting the needs of mobile professionals who want to work without boundaries.
Dell today announced the new Inspiron 13z laptop, extending the company's emphasis on thin and powerful computing, and broadening the ultra-mobile “z” distinction to Inspiron, Dell’s best-selling Consumer laptop brand. The new Inspiron 13z combines sizzling performance, rich features, and chic design in a small, take anywhere “companion” laptop, whether it’s for taking notes in class, or communicating with family across the country.

Accessible Style On-the-Go

The Inspiron 13z is the perfect portable entertainment device. Featuring a brilliant high-definition widescreen (1366-768dpi) display and built-in SRS Premium Sound HD, it enables users to enjoy a theater-like experience by streaming full HD movies and video wirelessly with Intel Wireless Display technology or by connecting via HDMI cable to a compatible big-screen HDTV.

The Inspiron 13z comes with blazing fast 2nd generation Intel Core i processors, Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and high-performance on-processor graphics allowing for longer battery life. A built-in media card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and the newest USB 3.0 technology for faster content transfers are also available as standard. Other optional features include up to 8GB of memory, a choice of a 320GB or 500GB hard drive or 128GB of solid state storage.

The Inspiron 13z is also pre-installed with the Dell Stage user interface, which offers one-click access to your favorite content including music, photos and video, and SyncUP powered by Nero can keep content and personal information synched with other Stage-enabled Dell PCs and mobile devices within your home Wi-Fi network.

All of these are packed into a stylish design that’s thin, lightweight, and is available in standard Diamond Black or optional Fire Red LCD back and matching palmrest, full-size chiclet-style keyboard and HD webcam.

The Inspiron 13z is the latest in a series of rolling introductions of Dell’s thin and powerful mobile products launching through the end of the year. Beginning with the XPS 15z, an ultimate blend of performance and style, the Inspiron 13z makes this “uncompromising” concept more accessible than ever.

Dell Latitude XT3 - convertible tablet PC

The Dell Latitude XT3 is the all-new, versatile convertible tablet PC designed for mobile professionals who want to work without boundaries. The Latitude XT3 possesses all the productivity, power and functionality of a standard laptop combined with the flexibility and dynamic interface of a responsive touch-screen tablet. The system allows non desk-bound workers, such as healthcare professionals, educators and service personnel, to work almost anywhere.

The new Latitude XT3 comes with an enhanced display size – a 13.3-inch HD LCD. The picture-perfect clarity of the bigger landscape and wider viewing angles improve usability in both laptop and tablet mode. Available as an option, the XT3 also offers an outdoor viewing screen for work in sunlight.

The XT3 is powered by new Intel Core i processors. This increased horsepower means the system can handle the toughest computing tasks. Hard drive options for the XT3 include up to 320GB and optional SSD. Depending on how it is configured, the XT3 can deliver over 8 hours of battery life and with Latitude ExpressCharge the battery can re-charge 80% in just about an hour.

Availability and Pricing

The Inspiron 13z (core i3) is available today on, starting at SGD$899. The Inspiron 13z (core i5) will be available in the upcoming weeks.

The new Latitude XT3 is available today on, starting from SGD$2,145

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

launching the new Sony Vaio L

As well as launching the new Sony Vaio L, Sony also added a new laptop to its range, the Sony Vaio CW.

The Sony Vaio CW series laptop will come with Windows 7, and feature a 14 inch widescreen LCD display, other specifications include a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo processors up to 2.80GHz.

Sony Vaio CW Series Laptop

Sony Vaio CW Series Laptop

Sony Vaio CW Series Laptop

Memory is available up to 8GB, and graphics comes in the form of NVIDIA graphics with up to 512MB of RAM, there is also HDMI out, and a Blu-ray drive, plus a 500GB hard drive.

The Sony Vaio CW Series will be available in a range of colors, including black, purple, white, red and pink, and prices start at $799.99.

Sony laptop vaio

sony laptop vaio

sony laptop vaio

sony laptop vaio

sony laptop vaio

sony laptop vaio

There is various exciting range of the lap tops available in the market but the exciting Sony VAIO CS Series Laptops launched in the month of July is enough to enhance your work with both efficiency and the style. This new range of the Sony VAIO CS Series Laptops launched by the technology giant Sony is incorporated with the Duo processor. The chessis design of these exciting and stylish lap tops will provide you the more business-like look. If a person wants to get more information about these attractive lap tops then he or she can easily visit online on the various web sites to get the reviews by the experts.

Probook 4520s

probook 4520s
probook 4520s
probook 4520s
probook 4520s
probook 4520s
probook 4520s

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nikon D5000

Friday, May 20, 2011

HP reveals a handful of new laptops

HP's latest Envy 14 laptop.

(Credit: HP)

As sure as the sun rises in the East, every few months you're going to see some new laptops from leading PC maker HP. That time is here again, and the latest additions include new versions of the high-end Envy, the Netbook-size Mini, and even a few professional-level ProBooks and Elitebooks. Here are some of the highlights:

HP Envy 14
The Envy 14, part of HP's premium Envy line, gets a refresh with Intel's 2011 Sandy Bridge CPUs, which offer better performance and battery life than the 2010 models. While it looks the same as previous Envy models, HP promises that the large clickpad is more responsive (multitouch gestures were a little wonky on the current versions), and USB 3.0 gets thrown in as well.

We've generally been big fans of this line, as it's one of the few high-design, gamer-friendly series of laptops from a major brand. You won't be able to get one of these new 14-inch models until June, and they start at $999.

HP Mini 210
It turns out Netbooks aren't totally dead after all (just mostly dead). The new Mini 210 is pretty much the same as last year's, with a dual-core Intel Atom CPU, and this is one of only a handful of new Netbooks we've heard about so far for 2011 (by this time last year, we were flooded with 2010 models).

But the new Mini 210 does add some new lid colors (including sweet purple, charcoal, crimson red, luminous rose, and ocean drive). Despite still being only about 1 inch thick, it works in a streamlined six-cell battery, and, surprisingly, the Mini 210 includes a Netbook version of the same Beats Audio technology found in the high-end Envy laptops, which is something of a bold move.

Also available in June, these will run $300-$330, which is still the standard for basic Netbooks.

HP Pavilion dv4
Other than a few vibrant new colors, the most notable thing about the Pavilion dv4 is the new version of HP's Cool Sense technology it includes. This is basically a user control panel for the cooling fans, but now it actually includes some recommended user settings, instead of leaving it all for you to figure out.

The Pavilion dv4 is coming May 18, starting at $599.

Corporate and business users shouldn't feel left out; there are a handful of new ProBook and EliteBook models as well. The $799 ProBook 5330m is a slim 13-inch with Intel's newest Sandy Bridge CPUs and a backlit keyboard, as well as TPM and Intel vPro technology (which are important for corporate IT departments).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Computer speaker

Computer speakers, or multimedia speakers, are speakers external to a computer, that disable the lower fidelity built-in speaker. They often have a low-power internal amplifier. The standard audio connection is a 3.5 mm (approximately 1/8 inch) stereo jack plug often colour-coded lime green (following the PC 99 standard) for computer sound cards. A plug and socket for a two-wire (signal and ground) coaxial cable that is widely used to connect analog audio and video components. Also called a "phono connector," rows of RCA sockets are found on the backs of stereo amplifier and numerous A/V products. The prong is 1/8" thick by 5/16" long. A few use an RCA connector for input. There are also USB speakers which are powered from the 5 volts at 500 milliamps provided by the USB port, allowing about 2.5 watts of output power.

Computer speakers range widely in quality and in price. The computer speakers typically packaged with computer systems are small, plastic, and have mediocre sound quality. Some computer speakers have equalization features such as bass and treble controls.

The internal amplifiers require an external power source, usually an AC adapter. More sophisticated computer speakers can have a 'subwoofer' unit, to enhance bass output, and these units usually include the power amplifiers both for the bass speaker, and the small 'satellite' speakers.

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