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Thursday, July 15, 2010

asus p750 pda mobile phone

ASUS is all set to introduce the ASUS P565 mobile phone that boasts of its business purpose services with integrated 800 MHz Processor & GPS SatGuide Maps. The phone features stylish and latest touch-driven user interface Glide, the leather-accented P565 that provides graphics and system performance, the phone is perfect for easy handling of heavy multi-task with highest performance and maximum speed and ideal for corporate use.

Mr. Edward Wang, Business Head, Mobile Communication Business, ASUS (India) comments, “The ASUS P565 is the fastest business PDA phone in the world with an uncompromising 800Mhz CPU, VGA screen and an elegant leather design. This phone is a fusion of unparalleled performance with unrivaled style to give the discerning business professional an ultimate productivity tool that fits in his pocket.”

Mr. Amit Prasad, MD & CEO of SatNav Technologies says “The PDA phones are creating a revolution in the gadget’s world and we are glad to have partnered with ASUS to provide our services in this industry. SatNav Technologies will continue to create highly accurate and detailed maps in order to take India to the next level as far as GPS is concerned.”

The phone inherits a 2.8” touch screen functioning at a high resolution of 480 x 640 pixels that delivers an excellent image clarity, be it spreadsheets or photographs clicked with the phone’s 3 Megapixel Auto Focus camera, the phone supports GPS and is preinstalled with SatNav’s SatGuide map with information of almost 200 cities and 1.5 million destinations for easy navigation of the users. The ASUS P565 is targeted for the corporate use as 800 MHz processor enables easy handling of multitasking, while Glide lets users to move swiftly between tasks instantly with a click of a finger.

The bar type phone that weighs 120 g incorporates an enhanced Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional that provides an improved version of Microsoft office package and enriched with memory of 256 MB flash with 128 MB DDR SDRAM that can be expanded to MicroSD with SDHC.

The P565 also bundles many other features like push mail facility, business card recognition service. Through Anytime Launcher and Multi-Home applications users can view their calendars, the times of local and visiting cities, weather reports, online news and much more all in this hi-tech mobile phone.

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asus p320 mobile phone

Swiftpoint Laptop Mouse Challenges the Touchpad

A New Zealand company has released a wireless mouse optimized for laptop use that it says is much more comfortable and 30 to 40 percent faster than a laptop touchpad.

The Swiftpoint mouse ($69.95) was designed with a “pen-like grip, which allowed us to make it very small but also usable without the discomfort of prolonged use that comes with lots of small notebook mice,” said company CEO Grant Odgers.

Its design is the result of five years of R&D on ergonomics and consumer desires, he added. “We did many user testing cycles and built five or six prototypes which then evolved into the product,” Odgers explained.

The Swiftpoint mouse need not be positioned to the left or right of a laptop but can be used directly on the computer’s surface below the keyboard – including right on the touchpad area. Further, it comes with a “parking” accessory that holds it in place below the keyboard so it won’t slide down when the laptop is angled.

Its quick-charging technology will yield one hour of use after just 30 seconds of charging via the computer’s USB port. A one-hour charge session yields two to three weeks of use, said Odgers. Further, the Swiftpoint, which weights about a third of a pound, docks directly with the laptop magnetically for recharging. The computer can be toted around with the docked mouse, which will detach without harm if the docking connection is accidentally disengaged, said Odgers.

The company is promoting Swiftpoint with its own website ( through an online video showing how the device works, and with Google banner ads; it is currently available through the site. It can soon be pre-ordered through and other online retailers, and then will be made available in stores, said Odgers.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2011 Archos pictures


Archos’s biggest-screen fifth-gen

Archos’s biggest-screen fifth-gen PMP is the Archos 705. The 80GB version is now selling on the Archos online store for 399.98 Euros. There is some difference between the 704 and the 705, one of which is the new improved user interface. Otherwise, it’s the same old solid PMP with a 7-inch. The 705 also boots up faster, according to Archoslounge, which has published a detailed review. Here is a summary:
  • browsing experience easier with a responsive virtual keyboard
  • operating system boots up in a few seconds
  • touchscreen is less prone to smudges, which makes viewing videos a pleasure
  • easy zooming, forward and backward, drag and drop interface and subtitles all work very well
  • multitasking: listen to music while browsing pictures (standard in many PMP brand these days)

Archos new modle with WIFI

Archos, Inc. introduced the industry’s most advanced Portable Media Player with the Archos 704 WiFi, the only PMP with a 7-inch touch-screen and full wireless capabilities. The new 704 WiFi presents the highest quality screen with 800x480 resolution and 5x7 dimensions - making it similar in size to a standard photograph. The Archos 704 WiFi is the latest in the company’s Generation 4 line-up, priced at $549.99, and is available for pre-order today from the Archos web site. The Archos 704 WiFi joins the company’s 604-WiFi in offering complete PMP features - video, music and photo playback - with full Internet access for surfing the Web and sending email.

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