Monday, December 21, 2009

Nokia 6600 fold

Nokia has found a profitable segment of customers and exploit it fully. It's about customers with money, who appreciate design more than functions. They realized this since 8800, but they are so sophisticated now that they have more expensive and weak product lines to satisfy all tastes. Whether we talk about the 8800 Sirocco or Arts, the attributes are high cost, distinguished design, but very modest functions.

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Here is a new Nokia phone has arrived in stores, with the hope of convincing women that they really need it. This is about 6600 fold. Nokia is relatively new on the clamshell phone market, but after a few fails (phones too square), they managed to do beautiful things. And when we talk about beauty, 6600 fold deserves all the praises because it looks really good.


The accessories that come with the phone are the usual ones: a charger, a microUSB cable, manuals, software CD, handsfree with remote control on the line. The only thing we do not find in most phones is the cover. This cover is another proof that women are the target for 6600 fold.

The phone is extremely compact. I could not believe it is so thin. With just 15.9 mm, is thinner than most candybar phones. Weighing about 110 grams it seems slightly large for a phone of this type, but that is because it has many metal parts. The 110 grams are not at all excessive, the phone makes you a first impression of compact phone that is pleasant to hold it in your hand. It fits in any pocket, without problems.

6600 fold is made out of quality materials. I already said it looks solid, I will mention it is shiny. That makes it look good, but attracts fingerprints. The phone is available in two colors, black and purple. The problem with fingerprints is more evident for the black version.


Most clamshell phones stay closed with the help of some little springs that hold them in this position. 6600 fold has a different but interesting approach. The phone stays closed because of small magnets, which are located inside, above the screen and the keyboard. The magnets are colored and well masked. Moreover, the opening is made by pressing a button on the right side. When I saw this, I remembered the Ericsson T28.

On the sides, it has only one button and two connectors. On the right is the button that opens the flap and the plug charger. On the left we find the microUSB port. On the backside, we have the camera with a dual LED flash.

The graphic interface of 6600 fold is Nokia's S40 5th Edition. It is the operating system that Nokia installs on all its phones that are not smartphones. The menus are easy to use after you familiarize with them, even if they sometimes are not the intuitive.


The keys are well made, even if they are quite small. Between two adjacent keys is a small ditch that will help you push the right button and even write messages without looking at the screen.

The main screen has the OLED technology, 2.13 inch and 240 x 320 pixels. Compared with a TFT screen, the colors are more vivid and the pictures are sharper. The problem is that in strong sunlight is very difficult to use it because the screen becomes difficult to read. The external screen has 1.36 inch and 128 x 160 pixels resolution. It is also based on OLED technology.

The music player of 6600 fold is the standard one from all Nokia S40 phones, but you do not need more. It knows how to organize your songs by artist, album and musical genre, it has equalizer and even album art. The sound quality is quite good, I did not expect to be too excited about a phone that is not considered a "music phone". Furthermore, we also have an FM radio with RDS. The list of pleasant surprises continues, because although the phone has a 3.5 mm audio jack on it, the remote for the headphones also has an audio jack, so you can connect your headphones using this adapter.


The video player is also the standard one, it is not very impressive, but it does its job well. It supports 3GP and MP4 files. If you want to watch movies from your PC, you must first convert them into one of these formats.

The camera is poor. Already, 3 to 5 megapixel cameras are considered standard and most manufacturers offer 8 megapixels; not to mention the xenon flashes and other wonders of technology. Well, Nokia 6600 fold has only a 2 megapixel camera. Not having autofocus, you can not take close pictures, it will come out blurry. Therefore, it remains useful only for poor picture, best to send via MMS. The camera knows how to take pictures at a 640 x 480 resolution, but only 15 fps.

Nokia 6600 fold supports GPRS / EDGE / 3G, so you can quickly navigate on the Web from your phone. There is no HSDPA or WiFi.

The browser of the phone is reasonable. It is comparable to the Nokia Symbian phones, but I saw many worse browsers. Nokia does not have a very good impression of their browser so they installed Opera Mini. A decision worthy of all praises, because Opera Mini is rendering pages faster and more accurately than the standard browser. However, I do not think that anyone could sit all day on the Internet from 6600 fold, the screen is not very big so, it is not that comfortable. The email client knows POP3 / IMAP and SMTP. It sends and receives emails as text messages. Nokia 6600 fold has Bluetooth and miniUSB, but it has no infrared port.


From all of the interesting applications that come installed, I noticed Nokia Maps. So far, Nokia put Maps only on Symbian phones. They did a version for S40. And they did well because it is a good application. Unfortunately, Nokia 6600 fold does not have GPS, so I was limited to just look over the map; we made simulations for different routes and that is about all. The good thing is that you can buy a separate GPS receiver, which communicates via Bluetooth with your phone. In this case, Nokia Maps can be used for navigation.

Nokia 6600 fold comes with several games installed. Besides the preinstalled applications and games, you can install many other Java programs.

It was always easy for me to put a label on a phone so targeted as Nokia 6600 fold. So if you like the design, buy it. You can talk and send messages. Do not purchase it to surf on the Internet or to modify Excel files. The phone does not know how to do things that are too complicated. Nevertheless, that does not make it less beautiful.

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