Thursday, December 31, 2009

SKY IM-U540L Sportiv Phone

SKY IM-U540L Sportiv PhoneSky has announced the launch of its new touch phone 'Sportiv (model: IM-U540L)' in Korea market through LG Telecom.

With its sporty design with a slim body and white colors on the other side of the phone, he Sportiv takes a number of buttons with a convex shape on the side of the phone. Above all, he supposedly universal three key dimensions of analog control, such as radio tuning, right on top, adjusting the brightness level of display or navigate the phone menu.

Boasting enhanced widgets, Sportiv the phone lets you download files without DRM protection MR3 usual, watch digital TV programs in standard T-DMB, and use built-in electronic dictionaries. Other features include an LCD screen 3-inch touchscreen, camera 3M Bluetooch, external memory, Google Maps and subway.

Coming in blue, white, red, black and white silver pink is available for around 600,000 (KRW).
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