Monday, December 21, 2009

Nokia 6600 slide.

In a time when the world seems to be overwhelmed by the size and design in all aspects of our lives, moving from very small to very "glossy", Nokia brings a phone that includes a perfect balance between a discreet look and useful features under the name of Nokia 6600 slide.

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Nokia 6600 slide's package box contains a decent and complete content. The phone comes with a Nokia battery BL-4U, which is a very light and thin battery at 1000 mAh and 3.7 V, sufficient to give life to the new Nokia model. We continue with the memory card MU-28 which is a microSD card with a capacity of 512 MB, perfect for storing music, software and your data. Last, the Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101 is actually a high-speed microUSB cable (USB 2.0) for bidirectional data transfer with the personal computer and at the same time, an alternative charger.

Being as easy as a feather is a huge advantage in the mobile industry, but Nokia 6600 slide does not come under this category, but rather in the average category because it weights 110 grams.


The case is made of bright steel and has carefully designed lines so it fits perfectly in your hand, making it at the same time very easy to handle. The first part, represented by the 2.2 inch display, 2 buttons with double functions each and one aluminum multifunctional center button, cover perfectly the bottom where the phone keypad is located.

On the top right corner, we find the secondary camera used during video calls. The primary camera impressed me with the generous number of megapixels, replacing a decent digital camera. If you like to modify pictures generally, the phone has a limited number of special effects available that may be applied after or while you are taking the picture. The camera can make films at a VGA resolution and only with 15 fps. The other camera functions has autofocus, macro, flash, digital zoom and video calls.


The first part of the phone is almost entirely occupied by the TFT screen with over 16 million colors, a diagonal of 2.2 inches and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Under the TFT screen is the first keyboard with 3 buttons, 2 of them with dual functions such as taking calls, refusing calls, access the functions shown on the screen to the right of each key and the third button that makes it possible to navigate both vertically and horizontally. The keyboard is "hidden" under the first part of the phone occupying no more than 30% of the phone's length, with well defined and spaced keys. The charger slot is on the right side. On the top side, we have the microUSB port and the headset port, both covered with plastic lids. The hand strap support is located on the upper right corner.

On the phone's backside, we find a 3.2 megapixel primary camera with flash. Unfortunately, at least for me, the phone is only available in one color: black gloss.


Unfortunately, Nokia 6600 slide is not a smartphone and does not benefit from an operating system such as Symbian or Windows Mobile. The phone comes with graphical interface Series 40 edition 5, which includes Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) for services and applications richer in content.

Nokia 6600 slide's accelerometer is used to determine where an object hits the phone. This function is used to stop the phone from ringing using a tap on the screen or to reject certain calls. The great disadvantage of the Series 40 interface, is that this interface has no multitasking as other phones have, so the phone cannot run 2 or more applications simultaneously. For example, you cannot listen to music while at the same time you add contacts to your phone. This thing is disappointing, because phones with more limited features than the Nokia 6600 slide have multitasking mode.


Another minus is the small memory available, only 18 MB of internal memory, but the phone supports microSD cards so you can add up to 4GB of external memory.

After you select a picture, in the phone's gallery, you have more options available. You can view the picture in several ways, including normal mode or Full Screen mode. Thanks to the picture editor, included in Nokia 6600 slide, we can edit photos directly on the phone. Thanks to the generous 3.2 megapixels camera, the photos have a very good quality. Images can have a resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels and you can adjust some options before making a picture, such as white balance, three quality modes starting from basic to high and various special effects.

The audio player from a phone is the direct rival of an MP3 player, or even of an iPod. The graphical interface is well defined and designed to be productive. The audio files can be sort by artist, album or genre. The audio formats supported by the audio player are AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, MP3, MP4, WMA, AMR-NB, Mobile XMF, SF-MIDI, MIDI Tones (64-tons only) and True tones. It has five themes available for the player. Besides the default theme, we have Blue Moon, Asteroids, Dot Matrix, Sound Waves and Black. Like any player, it has an equalizer that contains 5 predefined modes or you can create 2 new presets.


The video player supports videos in 3GP and MP4 format, and the movies can be played in full screen mode. The video player has fast forward and rewind. All the themes used with the music player are compatible with the video player. Because most of the movies come in an AVI format, you can use Nokia Video Manager program to convert movies. The same camera can make videos with 15 fps and with a VGA resolution.

Nokia 6600 slide has a new way to communicate via USB, called USB On-The-Go (USB OTG). The difference between the normal USB and USB OTG is that in the first case, the phone is considered a peripheral and the computer is considered a host. In USB OTG's case, Nokia 6600 acts as a host that has more peripherals. The possible peripherals are USB devices or flash memory card readers.

The internet connection can be done using GPRS, EDGE or 3G technology. Because of the Series 40 interface, finding a certain applications is easier. Many websites offer free Java applications that are compatible with this interface. However, Nokia 6600 slide does not come empty, and it has a good number of preinstalled applications, besides the classic Calendar. Yahoo! is present in this phone through a search type engine like Google. There are 5 preinstalled games, from the classic Snake to complex games and 3D Soccer. Other possible applications: Widgets, Mobile Search, Yahoo Go!, Windows Live, Download!, Calculator, Converter, World Clock, My Nokia and Presenter.

Nokia 6600 slide is a phone that has the perfect balance between the discreet look and useful features. It addresses to the most users, it is easy to handle and complete in terms of multimedia features.

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