Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia 3500 Classic Pink Joins the Nokia 3500 Classic

The new Nokia 3500 Classic range has just been expanded to include a new pink version - introducing the Nokia 3500 Classic Pink edition, a new twist on the classic with an extremely female touch.

The Pink Nokia 3500 Classic joins the original Nokia 3500 Classic and offers exactly the same features and technology as the prvious model, however the back casing and lines surrounding the keys on the front of the phone have been replaced with a soft pink colour top give this phone a real appeal to a more female audience.

Part of a range of new Classic handsets by Nokia, the Nokia 3500 Pink is no different in the fact that it offers the classic candybar design with easy to use features with line colouring on the keypad framing each individual key.

The extended battery life of 3 hours talktime and 12 days standby will let you talk for hours, catching up on the latest gossip with friends and family whilst the 2.0 mega pixel camera will let you capture moments to be remembered forever.

Send via MMS and add your own text and sound effects, send via Email or via Bluetooth wireless, either way you can share and share alike or download direct to your PC via a USB connection and print and frame.

With GPRS and EDGE technology you can browse the internet, chat and purchase on line.

The Pink Nokia 3500 Classic will keep you entertained with the built-in MP3 Player and up to date with the Stereo FM Radio.

The Phonebook will hold an extensive 2000 contact entries and downloadable ringtones and games lets you personalise your 3500.

The Nokia 3500 Classic Pink offers a traditional yet stylish design, whilst the metal frame adds extra protection again knocks and bumps and easy to use features making for a user friendly interface.

The 'Classic' name in the model number actually refers to a range of mobile phones that were available from Nokia over 8 years ago, others include the 6500 and 6220. So whenever you see 'Classic' in a Nokia model name you will know that it was once a very different looking phone some years ago and that the design has lasted the test of time.

The Nokia 3500 Classic has been initially launched on both T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile pay as you go deals but there are further network releases planned very soon.
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