Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia E61 Mobile Phone

The Nokia E61 is 117mm long and 69.7 mm wide. It has a thickness of 14mm and weighs about 144g. It has up to 64 Mb of user data memory expandable up to 64 MB hot swappable miniSD card. The phone has an active matrix display and supports up to 16m colors. It has adjustable display brightness, contrast control and an ambient light sensor for keypad lighting.

The device has S60 3rd Edition user interface and an Active standby enables one to configure 5 Applications for fast access. It also has configurable left and right keys and also a Power Key that can be used as a Profile Key. The phone has Multimedia Messaging Service for receiving and sending text, video clips and voice clips. It also has Email Clients Intellisync Wireless Email and Visto email technology for connecting to personal and business email. The device’s attachments, viewers and editors support the most common features of Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel. And it is also compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader.

The Nokia E61’s voice features include voice dialing, voice commands for menu shortcuts and profiles and also dedicated voice key for voice recording and Push to Talk. The phone has WCDMA connectivity and the WLAN connection can be shared by multiple applications at the same time like email, browser and synchronization. It also enables the simultaneous use of WLAN, Bluetooth technology, USB and Infrared at the same time. It is also possible to use a maximum of six Bluetooth technology connections at the same time though only one Bluetooth Wireless connectivity for Audio.

The phone has Advanced Device Management features where the Application Management enables the delivery and management of native Symbian applications over OMA DM and Customization enables the delivery and management of terminal user interface elements over OMA DM. the Terminal Management Security includes security model, which enables protecting device data via device wipe and device lock management.

The Call features of the phone include Internet call over WLAN, Automatic Redial, Caller identification with image and name of the calling party is mentioned along with the ringing tone.

Nokia E61

Nokia E61

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