Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia N99 8 MP Nseries Mobile Phone

The Nokia N99, is it real. Pictures are floating around the net. Blogs are talking about it, bookmarks are getting interesting reviews. Social networks, are spreading the word. Faster then wild fire, spreads a fire. The speculation is end less. The true question is. Will, this phone be on the market anytime soon? That question, has been on every nokia fans mind. The answer, is still un answered. Though, some high profile blogs have reported, that the phone is still in its building stage.

Considering, the iphone has just been released. Maybe it is a good idea, the Nokia N99 stays put. What the phone offers, is still not yet answered. Though, the pictures floating around. Looks, like Nokia will be having windows mobile OS? If this is true, will this be worth buying? What version of windows will they run? Shifty sources, have claimed. That the phone, might be using a new mobile OS. Vista, which was earlyier released from microsoft. Proclaiming itself, as the next best OS out there. Another great, OS by microsoft themself. Though, vista being on a mobile phone. Will be extremely insane, and radical!

Another odd thing about the Nokia N99, is the keyboard. They seem, to not care about the new futuristic designs. Touch screen, surface touch, or anything related to not clicking. Instead, the phone has a “qwerty” keyboard layout. The general opinon of the mass media, consumer. They seem to be ok with it. As long as the phone carries wifi, email, gps, consumers seem to be satisfied. Speculating, at the other phones in the current market. It might be safe to say, the Nokia N99 will have a camera and mp3 system. So that you may share, send and take pictures. As well as download, your favorite song of the day.

With all the speculation on the Nokia N99, we can only whisper and type away. What we wish this phone will have. Hopefully, in the coming future, we will have more general information on the phone. Maybe even a few real phone pictures a long with some nice facts, from the one great reliable source. Nokia themselves!

Nokia N99

Nokia N75 Review

Offered by the AT&T cingular this 3g capable smart phone operates in the American UMTS bands. A glorious internal display coupled with a Trans-reflective decent sized external display, nice key pas and excellent quality. It’s the first 3g phone for Cingular from Nokia.It’s got the traditional looks coming in a silver black casing, but the phone is pretty big and weighs too. The construction is pretty good and there are no needed gaps and creaky hinges. Its matt finishing helps to grip the phone even with wet hands easily.

The 1.3 inch external color screen displays the caller name and photo, music ID’s like song and artist name and other standard information. The biggest draw here is the buttons mounted on the bottom of the screen. They can launch the player and you can change songs, equalizer settings and also the volume with out having to open the clamshell. It can also act as a viewfinder to be used to take pictures.The internal screen is one of the biggest and best in the market. It’s sharp and gorgeous to look at. It’s a quad band phone and has a couple of awesome software. Voice aid and Message reader: which use text to speech technology to accept voice enabled commands and read out text messages.

It also houses a two mega pixel camera with flash. The sensor is similar to the ones used in s40 mobiles and not exactly the greatest. But it still produces good enough shots for casual photography. The video recording is surprisingly good and takes very good pictures. It can shoot in .3gp and MPEG-4 formats. There is also an FM radio and a mobile radio, which is paid feature.

The music abilities are very expansive in the mobile and synchronize with all the products offered by Cingular. It can play files with MP3, WMA, AAC, and eAAC+ extensions a well as offer the OMA DRM 2.0- and WMDRM protected songs.

The speaker is loud but not very rich sounding. The battery is pathetic with only two hours of talk time. This may be due to running in the 3g networks. Quick office allows viewing and editing of office files too.

* Two excellent screens.
* Crystal clear calls.
* Good music abilities.
* Symbian OS
* Easy to use key pad

* Average camera.
* Poor battery life.
* Battery gets warm when calling.


A nice offering from Nokia, which could easily become a best seller, with its strong multimedia abilities, two high quality screens but loses out due to its bad battery.

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