Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia N98 Image and Detail

Mobile phone is the name of the latest revolution in the 21st century. It has changed the notions and given another dimension to the communication technology. Nokia is the big name in the field of mobile manufacturing industry. Several gignatic mobile handsets have come from this Finland based company. N series, E series and other fashionable and smart phones are the best examples of its success. These phones are not only great devices to communicate but also a magnificent source of fun and entertainment.

The latest buzz from Nokia is the launch of Nokia N98 phone. It is the new member in the N series handsets which is already a hit in the market. This device has been presented after the rigorous research made for enhancement of the features in a mobile instrument. It gave the desired result and N98 came out as the winner. It has several amazing features including the features already present in the other handsets in N series phones. The looks of this stunning model is so attractive that whoever looks at it, can't help but appreciating it. Although it is being said that it is an upgrade version of N95 phone, yet it has many added features too that set it distinguished.

Nokia N98 mobile phone is the apple of the eyes of the mobile lovers. It comes with a 7.2 mega pixel camera that produces the pictures which quality is unbelievable. You can find such high resolution photos only in the digital cameras. Few years back, nobody could have thought to find such camera in a mobile device. Not only this, it has a Carl Zesis lens and 5x optical zoom facility that further adds spices to your passion for photography. You can now take close shots even of the objects at a far distance.

Now, if we talk about the music functions of this latest Nokia mobile phone, it can be simply classified as outstanding. It gives users the perfect entertaining and rocking experience. It is equipped with the music player which produces an astonishing sound quality. You will find yourself dancing when you switch on the music player of this handset. You can store a good number of your favourite songs in the phone memory. However, you can always increase the capacity by inserting the micro SD card.

Nokia n98 is having another competitive edge over the other models. It gives real fast internet connectivity. It has got the connectivity services like Bluetooth with A2DP, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS Receiver etc which help you to have the fast connectivity option anytime, anywhere. You can now download, send,receive and share any files with the help of this handset. Now connecting with the clients and customers is not a difficult task in case you are a professional.

If you compare with other mobile phones, Nokia N98 seems to be ahead in the race. It is a great Photoshop effect from Nokia that enables users to take outstanding snaps. It also reminds as a high end fashion statement that gives an extra edge to the other phones in the same category. In the terms of technology, this device works on Tri-Band technology that supports the modern games. You can enjoy the dream of owning a featured phone now experience the whole new way of using this latest multimedia devices.

Nokia N98, the new thread of N series phones, is feat to the users who were waiting for such an advanced handset. It is promising a lot and creating a stampede in the UK market. The market share of Nokia has grown significantly after the introduction of this phone. The company is delighted to see the responses and 360 degree feedback from the mobile experts. It is ready to give the benefits to the customers too. N98 has bridged the gap between mobile makers and the consumers. They can work now on the same platform to improve the quality and features of the upcoming handsets.

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