Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia 5500 Mobile

Are you one among those individuals, who are looking for a mobile phone that can offer you all you can imagine? Being a perfect mobile phone gizmo, there are times when you must be disappointed with so many handsets in the market. This time, one of the most selling manufacturers, Nokia has come up for something just for you. It has introduced a wonderful mobile phone called Nokia 5500. Being a pioneer, Nokia has always come up with some very surprising, yet user-friendly handsets. This is just another addition to its long list. It may come to you as a complete surprise that this particular handset is available along with pay as you go deals. Let us find out, what all can you do with Nokia 5500 combined with pay as you go deals.

One of the reasons of Nokia's immense success among the users is its ability to strike a chord with the customers needs. This marvelous handset is also one such byproduct. It supports a number of brilliant features including integrated pedometer, sports tracking user-interface, calorie counter and many more. It is a durable steel-built handset, which you can even carry with you while trekking or even at gym. It is particularly configured for tough people.

The Nokia 5500 offers you commendable multimedia features with a complete package of music, sports, camera and communication features. You can make most of digital video options, imaging and tap your feet at your favourite music. With this multi-tasking mobile phone, you can click images and cherish them for your lifetime with 2-mega pixel camera having 4 x digital zoom. Moreover, it enables you to surf through World Wide Web with Nokia web browser and a WAP browser. For music lovers, there is an MP3 player, an FM radio and a Visual Radio. If you are sporty enough, then this handset is just for you. The handset is technically well equipped with a large number of wonderful features.

The Nokia 5500 is available along with pay as you go deals. As per this deal, you are supposed to make monthly payment to your service provider, who will be buying minutes for you. With pay as you go deals, you will also have a chance to find free minutes, free texts, mobile phone insurance, accessories and many more. You also have an option to go online and find the best possible deals.

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