Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 in Korea with details

Sony Ericsson has now launched its premium touch phone, the Xperia X1, in Korea, in partnership with SK Telecom. Xperia X1 is the world’s first arc-slider multimedia phone. The physical design of the Xperia X1 is top notch with the QWERTY keys have a metallic feel.The stylish multimedia Xperia X1 which runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 brings personalisation to a new level.The keyboard sliding mechanism feels very solid and the slight upwards tilt of the display is a very nice touch that improves usability a little (as compared with the HTC Touch Pro).

Sony Ericsson Korea cooperated with SK Telecom customize the X1 in consideration of the local Korean customers. The result was the development of three new panels - “My smart panel,” “DAUM panel” and “My PC panel” and the localization of the “SPB panel” in Korean for the local user’s convenience. The sales of the Xperia X1 will start within March. Specific to the Korean market, additional components and accessories including a battery with charger, a 4GB micro SD card installed with the movie Spiderman 3 will accompany every purchase of the Xperia X1. The first 1,000 customers will get their names engraved on their X1 and a luxurious leather phone case for free, making it truly personalized

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