Monday, November 16, 2009

LG Pop GD510 Close Up lg mobile

LG Pop

UK : The LG Pop GD510 is the world’s smallest 3 inch touch-screen handset and is an eco-friendly handset.

It is a solar-powered mobile which can transform 10 minutes of sun into 2 minutes of talk time or 180 minutes of standby time.

The LG Pop also doesn’t feature any environmentally bad materials in and the packaging is made from recycled paper and printed in Soy ink.

It also features a highly efficient charger which reduces carbon emissions further, which beeps when the battery is fully charged so you don’t overcharge the mobile.

The LG Pop runs on the brilliant LG S-Class interface.

The LG Pop has a 3inch touch-screen, as well as a 3 mega-pixel camera, MP3 player and Web Browser.

Our review of the LG Pop concluded that it’s a “The LG Pop is a great handset for those who want style at a good price”

The following video outlines the main features of the LG Pop and shows just how small it is by comparing it to a credit card.

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