Friday, June 4, 2010

Nokia N900 launches in India

Nokia N900 171x300 Nokia N900 launches in India all things tech

Nokia has launched its Nokia N900 officially in India. Nokia has announced its new Maemo 5 based N series phones to out smart the Apple’s iPhone. It showed promise from the beginning itself with brisk sales through grey markets all over the world.

The official launching of the Nokia N900 in India fulfills the long awaited desires of the Indians. Rs.30,639/- is its price, making the people a bit happier on account of reduction in price, around Rs.5000/- less than the initially expected price.

Nokia N900 is Nokia’s first phone running the Linus Maemo Operating System. It has computer like handset with a slide out QWERTY keyboard, which enables easy access to internet and browsing. It has a 5 Mega Pixel camera that gives enhanced picture clarity and quality.

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