Monday, July 12, 2010

Archos’s biggest-screen fifth-gen

Archos’s biggest-screen fifth-gen PMP is the Archos 705. The 80GB version is now selling on the Archos online store for 399.98 Euros. There is some difference between the 704 and the 705, one of which is the new improved user interface. Otherwise, it’s the same old solid PMP with a 7-inch. The 705 also boots up faster, according to Archoslounge, which has published a detailed review. Here is a summary:
  • browsing experience easier with a responsive virtual keyboard
  • operating system boots up in a few seconds
  • touchscreen is less prone to smudges, which makes viewing videos a pleasure
  • easy zooming, forward and backward, drag and drop interface and subtitles all work very well
  • multitasking: listen to music while browsing pictures (standard in many PMP brand these days)

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