Friday, January 22, 2010

$16,000 PC expencive pc

16000-dollar-pc_1 $16,000 PC Is Far too Advanced

If not the most expensive computer, it certainly is one of the most expensive computers in this world. The $16,000 Water Cooled PC is an awesome machine that comes with unique cooling abilities. The computer has been built by Puget Systems and you would get a PC with a 4 quad core Opteron processors, 32Gb of RAM, and 8 hard disks.

It also has a massive radiator that not only is worth its weight in might but is also quite effective. It comes with 9 120mm fans, to keep the awesome machine cooled and chilled. The fans are almost silent and they manage to keep the PC at 45 degrees when the computer is working full load. When it is idle, it would be a cooler 36 degrees.

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