Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nokia N91 phone

Nokia N91 WCDMA
The main feature of the device is that it can store up to 4GB of music. With dedicated music keys, listening to music with the phone is a most pleasurable experience. Its other features include 2 megapixel camera with 20x digital zoom and a full-screen playback video to view video clips in large size. It also has WLAN for hot spot connectivity.

The device is 113.1 mm long and 55.2mm wide. It has a thickness of about 22mm and weighs about 164g. It has S60 user interface and also automatic brightness for keypad and display. The Nokia N91 WCDMA phone has advanced camera modes like still, video, night options, brightness adjustment and self-timer. The phone’s image formats support includes JPEG, GIF and BMP.

It also has the capacity to download and play multimedia files both video and music and can also stream media files from compatible media portals. Other multimedia features of the Nokia N91 WCDMA phone include Visual Radio where one can listen to music and interact with radio stations of our choice. The Nokia Music headset HS-28 with remote control can be used or one can even connect independent headphones to the 3.5mm audio jack on the phone and can also connect the phone to external speakers through the stereo audio jack. The voice recording application can be used to make one’s own recording.

The Nokia N91 WCDMA has enhanced music features like a 5-band equalizer, mixer and music DRC (Dynamic Range Compression). Calls can be answered while listening to music as the music pauses and resumes again once the call ends. It has good music services including convenient access to music shop.

Another important feature of Nokia N91 WCDMA phone is that it has multimedia messaging for sending and receiving videos and pictures with AMR voice clips, automatic resizing of megapixel images to fit MMS and support for the various Indian languages as also major languages of Europe and Asia Pacific.

It has 3G connectivity which almost matches broadband speeds for faster downloads. It has integrated Bluetooth technology, Browsing and also Data transfer facilities. The Nokia N91 WCDMA has a 4GB built-in memory apart from another 30Mb of storage capacity.
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